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How to Drill a Well – Finding the Water Table and More

Drilling a water well can be relatively easy or quite difficult and complex, depending on the circumstances. The main factors to consider are the depth of the water table and the types of soil and bedrock to be drilled through. Current soil conditions, weather and available equipment also need to be taken into account. The basic process of drilling a well involves boring through soil and bedrock with a drill bit while the broken pieces are flushed up to the surface in a drilling fluid (or drilling mud). When you reach the water table, the well is cased, piping is inserted down to the water table, a pump is installed, and the well is complete.

Determine the Best Location to Drill a Well

Determine the best location to drill a well. Locate your water table and identify the local soil and subsurface conditions. Many states now have excellent online resources with information about existing wells, and USGS geographic and topographic maps will also provide useful information about the water table and subsurface conditions. Talking to your neighbors with wells is also a very good way to get firsthand information about drilling a well in your area.

Rent a Drill

Rent a drill. Unless you have extremely hard or rocky subsurface conditions, rotary drilling is probably going to be the most effective and economical method to drill the well. Rotary drilling involves a drill bit made of a very hard metal like tungsten or carborundum grinding up the rocks and soil to drill the hole. Drilling fluid is also pumped into the drill pipe to act as a coolant and to flush the ground up dirt and rocks (cuttings) to the surface.

If you do have to deal with very rocky conditions it is probably best to use the down-hole air hammer drilling method where compressed air is used to break up the rocks and force the broken chips up to the surface.

Drill the Well

water well drilling

Drill the well until you reach the water table. The water table can be as little as 20 feet down to as much as 500 feet or more in extreme cases. You will want to drill down several feet after you hit the water table to create some space for the water to accumulate.

Install the Casing

Install the casing for the well. The well casing is usually made of steel or plastic and usually at least the top 20 feet of a well are cased. Make sure to fill in the space between the casing and the drilled hole with cement or bentonite grout to prevent polluted ground water from seeping into the aquifer.

Lay Piping

Lay piping for the well. Copper or plastic piping is generally preferred for underground installation, but galvanized steel can be used if the water is not highly mineralized. Be sure the piping is large enough to allow enough water to flow to meet the expected demand for the well. Make sure the intake pipe is at least 12 inches below the water table, as the level will fluctuate.

Install a Pump

water well pump

Install a pump for the well. Calculate the size (hp) of the pump you will need based on your expected peak water demand. It is best to use a pump with at least 20 percent greater capacity than that just to be on the safe side.

Leaves and other Debris have a Negative Impact on your Gutters

If you have ever battled with clogged gutters, you can understand the negative impact associated with dirty and clogged gutters. First, clogged gutters tend to overflow, resulting in damaged foundations and leaky basements. This does not only expose your foundations to cracking and possible house fall, but also propagates mold and erosion of your esteemed landscape.

Accumulation of tree debris is among the primary causes of clogged gutters. Sticks that fall form nearby trees and over grown shrubs can fall and rot in the gutters, making the gutters dirty and clogged. Besides, leaves can accumulate in the gutters, leaving undesired effects on your gutter and eventually pile up and disrupt the smooth flow of rain water of the roof and through the gutter. To avoid this blockage, it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance on the gutter by removal of the leaves and sticks that may have fallen into the gutter and to permanently get rid of the problem it is best to trim off branches that are hanging over the roof and gutters.

The main culprits

According to experts, there are a number of things to looks out for when it comes to tree debris but flowers and pine needles play the biggest role. There are trees with flowers that fall off on a regular if not daily basis. This will eventually lead to an accumulation of rotting flowers on the gutter and subsequently blockage in the gutter system. Pine needles are even worse as they shed of a lot more than the flowers. With time water will stagnate and the gutter may even buckle from the weight.

Hire professional services when it comes to gutter cleaning

Hiring professionals to work on your gutter is the best option for your gutter. In some cases, you can choose to work on the cleaning process by yourself but it can be a risky affair since you have to use a ladder and walk on the roof. In case of repair it is advisable to also visit the store you bought the gutter from to get the best information on the repair and replacement process and it would be advisable to also seek for professional help for the work ahead.

Note that a professional gutter cleaning service provider has the required expertise to ensure that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned while ensuring that nothing is damaged.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

Landscaping adds a lot more beauty to your home. It is also a great thing to do in your spare time. If you are planning to landscape your yard, here are some tips for low maintenance landscaping:

5 Basic Stepping Stones to Water Features

Many homeowners have the notion that water features are luxuries meant only for the rich. That is not true. Most homes are now installing water features to their landscapes to give it that extra ump. Investing in a water feature is simple and requires just a few basic steps and you are there.

Know what you want

There are several types of water features. The type you install will depend on the space you have and where you intend to place it. A good example of a water feature is a bird bath. It takes very little space if compared to other water features such a miniature waterfall.

Water supply

All water features have one thing in common: water. The type of water feature you will have will depend on the supply of water in the area which you are in. if there is scarce water supply then a smaller water feature will be in order and vice versa.

Aesthetic value

How does the water feature add value to your landscape? Try and factor the general appearance of the water feature as an additive to your home. The aesthetic value of a water feature should not be under estimated as it ranks as the top reason of installing a water feature.


As stated before, cost can be a deterring factor in incorporating a water feature in your land scape. This should not be so since you can stick within your budget and have some form of a water feature at your home. Do your research well and consider your options before settling.


After all is said and done the water feature will need to be maintained to avoid having something that will not be of value to you home. Look into the maintenance practices of the particular water feature.

4 Ways Gutter Screens Protect your Home from Unpredicted Issues

Like such a variety of property holders, you’ve most likely turned out to be very mindful that home support can turn into an endless errand and yes, this is genuine even with new homes. Luckily, there are a few dominant approaches to venture forward and adopt a proactive strategy to home support, keeping the majority of the work and bother down to an absolute minimum.

1. Gutter Screens Keep Critters Away From Your Home

It’s quite often a sudden issue. However it indeed happens tree squirrels, and different goal-oriented animals have been known to utilize the mystery and cover gave while working from inside a rain gutter’s channel to bite and bite through your home’s belt board to make your storage room their home. Drain screens secure against this issue by obstructing the entrance before it starts.

2. Protecting Your Gutters Keeps You Grounded

The issue is that despite the fact that they hope to do feared drain support each month or two, most people don’t precisely expect to be harmed at the same time. Stay safe and stay grounded by utilizing gutter screens to lessen upkeep.

3. Clean Gutters Help Prevent Toxic Mold

At the end of the day, it’s typically unforeseen, yet obstructed gutters make the ideal environment for hypersensitivity actuating and lethal molds to develop and thrive. Shape and mold of changing levels of disturbance capacity flourish in damp and rotting natural matter that tends to exist in revealed drains.

4. Free Flowing Gutters Deject Ice Issues

In the wintertime, a standout amongst the most widely recognized gutter issues happens when stopped up drains make ice issues, for example, an ice dam, or even dangerous icicles and ice sheets that are prepared to slide off the rooftop and arrive on a terrible bystander. Drain screens keep the framework clear and working proficiently to debilitate ice issues.

4 Vacation Retreats in Your Own Backyard

Vacations can be an expensive with the hotel expenses among other things. It can also be tasking to find the time to indulge in a vacation. The good news is that you can have a less costly vacation in your own house. The everyday facilities that we take for granted can help us relax just like any vacation can. Try using the following to have that Zen moment.

Jacuzzis and swimming pools

What can be more relaxing than having a dip in a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool at your back yard? Having a Jacuzzi installed may be a bit expensive but is way less costly than months of vacationing in hotels and different countries. Swimming pools are a common feature in most homes and you can relax in or outside the pool without having to leave the comfort of your home.


Having a gazebo in your backyard can provide you and your family a perfect spot to just relax and read a book or just rest away from your busy life style. Make sure it is situated in a quiet area of the backyard to keep it peaceful.

Back door camping

This is perfect when there are kids involved. Build tents, use those sleeping bags you had stored away and have a bon fire just to create the effect of a real camping adventure. Keep the kids entertained by inviting their friends over or just roast marshmallows over the open fire while singing. This will give you time to bond with family.

Having a barbecue

This is perhaps on of the cheapest vacation ideas. All you need is barbecue among other meals and invite friends o just have the family with you and you have vacation without spending too much or going away on a plane.

Four Surprising Benefits of Gardening

Most people do not find the idea of gardening as an appealing thing as a hobby or for anything else for that matter. The idea of dirt and working under the sun may even be revolting to some. None the less, gardening has its many advantages that majorities are not aware of such as financial benefits if you decide to go commercial and sell it to your neighbors or at the local market. Here are other benefits you were not aware of.

Lowers respiratory diseases and disorders

In biology, we are taught that plants use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which is vital for humans. Plants play a major role in air purification not only as an oxygen producer but they also trap dust particles and other debris that any cause respiratory diseases.

Improves physical activity

Gardening will give you that physical workout you desire so much. When you in the garden digging, planting, and weeding among other things, you get to shed off some calories you would otherwise be piling up while you sit and do nothing.

Stress reliever

Gardening has been proven to lower the stress hormone in the brain. This results in better sleep and a greater life. Keeping your hands busy will go a long way into keeping you mind free from stress. Do not underestimate the benefit of clean, fresh air to your mental health as it is well known to be therapeutic.

Improved digestion

Gardening can do more than just save you money that you could have spent at the market. Fresh vegetables and fruits from your garden give you the assurance that you are not ingesting chemicals and preservatives. Plus the roughages from the vegetable provide your digestive system with much-needed relief.